King Baxter is a “genderless” king from another planet or space-time continuum. They are a master of human dogs, meant as a reflection of our contemporary society. They travel through the dreams and the multiple thoughts of the body that they borrow, for instance that of Magali Halter, a performer residing in Brussels (Belgium). They sing their vision of the earthly world, of their origin, of their expectations and their vision of love. King Baxter also advocates for the rights of the Sex Workers, whom they regard as sentient beings capable of the greatest love-giving. Their music is spatial, tinted by electronic Krautrock that they consider as Death Alien Electronic Music. King Baxter invites you into a collective and experimental trance.

King Baxter is a fictif character, an alter-ego, principal face of my artwork. It is the center of all the production I
made, everything is about its story and mythology. From it comes music, illustrations, videos, photographies and